Submit abstract

On behalf of the scientific committee we would like to invite all professionals within the field of forensic psychiatry to submit an abstract to the 11th Nordic Symposium on Forensic Psychiatry

Abstracts can be submitted for either:

  1. an oral paper presentation (20 minutes plus 5 mins for discussion and questions) (maximum of 250 words).
  2. a poster (maximum of 250 words).

Scientific abstracts should be structured as follows:

  • Type of abstract (oral paper or poster)
  • Background (maximum of two sentences to provide the rationale for study)
  • Aims
  • Methods (to include design, sample, measures and procedures)
  • Results (to include how data were analysed and the key findings)
  • Conclusions/learning outcome

Please submit your abstract as an email attachment, preferably in pdf-format to:

NB! Abstract submission deadline is extended to 10. May 2015


  • Forensic Nursing
  • Risk assessment
  • Personality disorders and psychosis
  • Learning disability
  • Honour Based Violence
  • History of forensic psychiatry
  • Justice
  • Norway post 22nd July
  • Forensic youth psychiatry
  • Substance abuse
  • Coercion and coercive measures
  • Mental health and law
  • Academic development and achievements in the Nordic countries
  • Biological determinants & factors
  • General vs. forensic psychiatry
  • Gender and transcultural issues
  • Stalking
  • Neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Mental health care in prison services
  • Outpatient forensic services
  • Treatment effects recidivism
  • Quality registers and databases
  • User/client involvement
  • Rehabilitation, recovery and recidivsm
  • Human rights, coercion and forensic psychiatry
  • Advances in pharmacological therapies
  • Advances in psychological therapies. Clinical Issues (e.g. treatment methods)
  • Application of new technology
  • Security issues
  • Biopsychosocial models
  • The court and the forensic experts
  • Knew knowledge and better science
  • Forensic science in "checklist psychiatry"
  • Stigma and image in forensic psychiatry
  • Ethical issues
  • Media attention
  • Radicalisation and terrorism
  • Forensic expert issues and ambiguity in forensic assessments
  • Other topics related to forensic psychiatry